E-mail footer information

To err is human, but very dangerous. The data in the e-mail footer in our attached document contains brief information on how to proceed if the recipient receives a message from a sender that has not been addressed directly to the recipient. This information is useful for the signature field for both business and private e-mail box.

CURRENT SITUATION: Information obligation – showing certificate/on-line form for negative test for COVID-19

The information obligation serves as information for data subjects whose personal data is processed for a specific purpose. The present case concerns the purpose of presenting a negative test result for COVID-19 at an entrance to a building of a controller. Such information obligation should be available for consultation by any person concerned (data subject) who requests it from the controller. Thus, the controller is in compliance with the obligation under Articles 13 and 14 of GDPR.

CURRENT SITUATION: Methodological guideline – showing certificate/on-line form for negative test for COVID-19

The fact that a person presents a negative test result at an entrance to a controller's building is not sufficient in terms of personal data protection. An authorised person put in charge by the controller to check test results of persons entering the building should be informed, on the basis of a methodological guideline, about how to work and how not to work with data he or she has seen. The table on the last page of the document can be used as a written confirmation for authorised persons. Every authorised person who consults and checks test certificates should be recorded in the table. Methodological guidelines serve as an internal regulation and are not intended for publication.

Sample label for a camera system

Dynamic and ever-changing conditions in the field of personal data protection have brought about changes in camera surveillance systems, too. In early 2020, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) adopted guidance under which the sample label with a pictogram of camera and the inscription "The area is monitored by a camera system" is no longer sufficient. Inside the document you will find the requirements to be met by you as the controller as regards the content of the label.

Consent to the processing of personal data

The consent of a data subject is one of the legal bases on which it is possible to process personal data. Where a controller chooses to use this legal basis, it must fulfil certain conditions laid down by Article 7 of GDPR. Such consent can be used, for example, in marketing communications, in a consumer contest, or in a promotional activity.